Make Your Business Brand Fabulous!

Create An Online Presence and Marketing Strategy that Results in Landing Clients and Customers!

All you need is a little Organization, a Solid Plan and ¨The Right Stuff¨!

Here are some ideas for areas to work on during the intensive:

Brand Vision

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy

Lead Magnet Creation 

Sales Conversion

Pricing Structures for Service Packages

*Abundance Break Through Intensive includes a coaching intensive on the following areas listed above. The outcome of the work will be an outline of desired goals and an action plan, as well as a recording of the session. 

My Business Brand Portfolio

What is YOUR BRAND Saying to the World?


¨I heatherhave had the absolute pleasure of being coached by Lindsey, she is such an inspiration and has motivated me to take the next step towards starting my career in photography. Not only does she motivate me, she also has given me the tools to be more productive in all the areas in my life I wanted to work on. I love how passionate she is about her work and every time I spoke with her I felt a connection and that she really understood what I am trying to accomplish. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their life or is needing that extra push to start their business!¨ Heather Fiddler, Photographer

¨Lindsey is an inspirational young woman with a strong work ethic and a team player you can depend on when it comes to following through with her commitments. I have had the privilege of hearing her speak many times and she has a wonderful presence and delivery style. As a change agent, Lindsey has the ability to promote collaboration between people and influence the way in which individuals and teams work together. I would highly recommend Lindsey as a Life Reinvention Strategist and hope to have the opportunity to work with her on future projects.¨ Linda H.

¨Lindsey is a very charismatic, strong and professional coach. During our sessions, Lindsey made me feel really comfortable and in a safe space. She helped me uncover what has been causing me to spin around and not be able to move forward as fast as I wanted in building my business. She helped me create an action plan which turned into a clear road map to launching my business and getting my first paying clients. I would strongly recommend working with her if you are looking to compress your timeline to building a successful business.¨ Iva G.