“Lindsey is an upbeat, positive, glass completely FULL kind of life coach! Her sheer enthusiasm for my journey is genuine and authentic. She won’t let you stay in a negative place and will compassionately kick your butt in such a way that you are filled with motivation and gratitude! She is intuitive, super smart, a fabulous listener, asks great questions and is quick to read between the lines of what you are saying and what you really want and need. Thank you Lindsey… You’re a GEM!!!” – Kila H. Events & Entertainment Expert
“Lindsey Morales of Meta Vida LLC one on one coaching sessions are life-changing. Day one session with Lindsey brought about much-needed clarity on my purpose in life. Her words of wisdom and coaching skills bring about much clarity to your purpose in life through business but not limited to that. Lindsey’s coaching craft and beliefs bring about a mindset of abundance, clarity, breakthroughs, it exposes lies and wrong self-beliefs bringing about truths and redemption. The sessions are productive. I am in my 4th of the 12 sessions and already transformation has and will continue to take place.” – Caroline M. Artist & Entrepreneur
“Thank you for having a one-on-one session with me. The obstacles that you pinpointed and “called out” was amazingly correct. You are an awesome life coach!! I appreciate you helping me to stop surviving and to start thriving; walking in my authentic truth and rekindling my triumphant God-given gifts and talents that will accumulate a wealthy, whole, and purposeful me. Lady, YOU are amazing.” Kim A. Financial Advisor
Amazing!! Amazing!! Amazing!! Going into the AWE coaching session I had NO idea what to expect. I was confused and undecided on my next move. After speaking with Life Coach Lindsey I was given direction. Understanding my situation without judgment but with compassion was priceless. The time spent on the phone during our call was organic and pure. The loving, gentle and kind spirit that she has is welcoming to anyone of any background. Thank you for everything given, and I look forward to working with you.” Malinda L.  Real Estate 
“I am very thankful to you. I need your brain lol. You’re a woman of God and have helped me and we have only had one session. ” – Ashley Green
“Lindsey understands that my life is my business and my business is my life. She’ll coach me through any issue I bring up, whether it’s about marketing or parenting. I really enjoy having a confidential, friendly, and celebratory space for venting, thinking out loud, and connecting with what is essential for me during each coaching call. Lindsey is a great coach. She asks great questions. She helps me celebrate my wins. It feels like she sees the best in me and helps me connect to that version of myself. Since being coached by Lindsey, I have made more money being my own boss than ever before. I think this is a result of her support as I create more wealth consciousness, as well as the accountability of talking to a coach weekly. I take action with less perfectionism because I feel more confident and more motivated. Knowing I have a coach on my team each week helps me enjoy life and just feel happier and more supported in general. Other results I’ve noticed in my life since working with Lindsey include more peace and joy in my relationships, and a leaner, healthier body. Taking the step to invest in myself by hiring a coach has made me take my own wellness more seriously. ” – Genevieve H. Writer & Entrepreneur
Lindsey is a very charismatic, strong and professional coach. During our sessions, Lindsey made me feel really comfortable and in a safe space. She helped me uncover what has been causing me to spin around and not be able to move forward as fast as I wanted in building my business. She helped me create an action plan which turned into a clear roadmap to launching my business and getting my first paying clients. I would strongly recommend working with her if you are looking to compress your timeline to building a successful business.
Iva G. Branding and Success Mindset Coach
Today’s group session was overwhelmingly awesome! We had a great time. Great food, great fellowship, great testimonies, and encouragement. The Holy Spirit showed up and showed OUT! I’m still walking on my cloud. If you are looking for a Life Coach/Mentor, look no further. This Woman is a Gentle but powerful soul. I’m glad God made our paths cross. Coach Lindsey is the Truth. Book her today!! – Shar Webb, Entrepreneur, Chef, & Entrepreneur
“Lindsey has a way of asking the questions that will allow you to come from whatever is blocking you from moving forward.” Catherine W.
My Experience with Coach Lindsey in our recent session was Reviving. Lindsey Coached on great teachings she has gained and experienced that will and did transform my life and my business. What great experiential knowledge she has. Lindsey’s coaching skills is intertwined with the spirit of God that She allows to freely flow during my coaching with her and it has lead to deliverance, freedom, change of mindset to live out my destiny In Life and Business. She is such a great powerhouse. Now, I am walking in much freedom, revived and recharged to walk in my destiny and calling both in Life and business. Thank You Coach Lindsey.” Caro M.
“Lindsey is one great coach I have ever met. She does everything to help you to succeed in your life and profession. Very professional, friendly and dedicated to her work. I highly recommend her. “Chris O. – Digital Marker & Webdesigner “
Lindsey is the real deal. She has the academic background and work experience that make her an incredible business coach. Being a solo-preneur can be a challenging endeavor, but with Lindsey as my coach, I found the support I needed. I know that Lindsey was someone with a genuine interest in the success of my business. Her coaching around marketing, business development, and sales has resulted in a lead magnet creation and launch, utilizing social media effectively, ideal client clarity and giving a presentation that sells my programs. She coached me to sell without being salesy, which has been invaluable because I have struggled with that aspect of the work. I highly recommend Lindsey. – Tajan R.
“Lindsey Morales of Meta Vida, LLC is an amazing life coach! I had the opportunity to work on a one on one session and Lindsey can really pinpoint the obstacles you are facing in life and in business while giving great suggestions on how to navigate through and conquer them! I recommend her professional life coaching to anyone that is in need, business or personal, she is and will always be my go to!” – Shantrice L. Graphic Designer & Business Woman
I highly recommend Lindsey with her exceptional wisdom and insight in communicating to others. She has the experience to effectively demonstrate compassion in bringing out the best in others to propel them into their destiny and purpose! Gail S. Interior Decorator & Business Woman
“I just had an awesome coaching with Lindsey Morales. The biggest thing I came away with was an increased knowledge of online branding. She really helped me to identify areas I can improve and some things that were baggage. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, I would encourage you to book a session with Lindsey right now.’ Jermaine T., Owner of Video Studio


“You are a truly amazing woman with an amazing anointing. I know that as you minister to the ladies today that they incorporate what you present and lay it before God that they may experience HIS LOVE and life change.” – Catherine W, Children with a Purpose
“I want to give a huge thank you to Sister Lindsey Morales. She helped me get unstuck in a situation that kept me not to moving forward in my life and in my calling. Through her coaching feedback, I have received understanding and become aware of my own mindset blocks. She opened my eyes to things I was blind to before her coaching. She has helped me get to the root of the problem. Exposure is a good thing. She digs in and gets to the root cause of the mindset blocks and beliefs that were no longer supporting me. She also showed much support and care. She gave abundantly and I’m not used to that. I always feel refreshed after our coaching sessions. I highly recommend her! ” – Jasmin Lopez -Angulo
Thank you for being a LIGHT to me on my JOURNEY! – Jennifer D.