12 Secrets to Sustain Entrepreneurship and Happiness


1. How can entrepreneurs sustain happiness?

  • Build confidence in their services and products (know they are of value)
  • Be patient and compassionate with others and yourself
  • Maintain boundaries

2. What can entrepreneurs do to not feel so isolated in their work?

  • Accountability partner or hire a Professional Coach
  • Join a Mastermind group
  • Join Business Networking Groups

3.   How can entrepreneurs stay motivated during times the business has slowed down?

  • Keep Vision board up to date and review it often
  • Journaling your goals
  • Write down 5 ways your brought value to others in your business each day

4. What does balance mean to entrepreneurship and happiness?

  • Maintaining Solid Time management
  • Organization
  • Working in expertise and delegating the rest
Stay Focused on Your Vision by (Bonus Tip Not on the Interview)
1. Journaling and continue to update your Vision Board. 
2. Log completion of daily goals

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