Thank God for Change and Growth

Thank God for Change and Growth!

Check out my attempt to create my first promo video a year ago below. I laugh every time at the short video of me dancing in it. It’s pretty embarrassing that I included that in the video. LOL. I guess I thought it was a good idea at the time. Looking back, the video would have been much better with it. I’m sure my audience still would like it anyway today. I’m also sure professionals who create these promo videos for a living would give it a side-eye and say “That’s why you hire a professional”.

Ahhh… The growing pains of building your business brand.  🤦🏻‍♀️ #TooFunny 

About a year ago, My mentor coach gave me the advice to TRUST THE PROCESS referring to building an authentic brand and getting clear on what my business will bring to the world. Let me tell you, the process has been ROUGH, but it has also been filled with MIRACLES and MANIFESTATIONS that kept me motivated to keep working towards my dream. These included an app, closing my first high ticket client, and being coached and mentored by some of the best in the industry.

Becoming an entrepreneur is challenging and humbling. Selling a coaching relationship is even more challenging and humbling. I wouldn’t change THE PROCESS for anything in the world. I absolutely love that I’m able to create real results for my clients.

This reflection comes from true gratitude. I’m so excited for this time in my life because I’m really seeing the fruits of my labor. I’m just about all moved into to my coaching and consulting office. I found an amazing mentor coach and coaching program to expand my business. It’s all very exciting and fitting at this time.

Are you having a hard time accepting the place you are in THE PROCESS?

Repeat Affirmation: I’m Ready For Expansion In My Life and Business.

Here are some GEMS that will for sure take you from broke in business to prosperous and profitable!

You can and will do this! You just have to decide to keep going.

Blessings in abundance,

Lindsey 😘


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